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Womens ShoesWomens Shoes, Women's High Heel Shoes & Platform Shoes

Womens shoes are available to us by the shop-full.  In fact we can pretty much buy shoes in any style, brand, colour or trend that we want… but is that truly enough?  Is there still a market that hasn’t been fully tapped?  Something in Shoe world that hasn’t quite reached us yet?  An itch that hasn’t been scratched perhaps?  Are we sure we are getting the ultimate in supply for every single variety of womens shoes that we may ever, ever need?  Well, I’m sorry, but the answer is no… we have not!
Evidence that womens shoes are not wholly represented to us yet became apparent to me last week.  I needed a certain special select pair of womens shoes… I needed some shoes unique to my outfit and I needed them NOW.   I didn’t know what these shoes looked like – I was yet to discover them.  All I knew was – I had not found them.  And I had literally searched every single shoe shop in the entire city.  There were no more womens shoe shops left for me to look in.  That was it - I was done.  But then I had a revelation…
What if we could design our own womens shoes!  Customise our own shoes by deciding what WE want in a shoe.  No longer would we be dictated to by shops telling us what THEY think is desirable in womens shoes.  Instead, we’d choose the heel height, the style, the colour, size details, the type of fabric and whatever other sparkly bits we wanted on them – enter it all into a computer… push GO and then budda-bing, budda-boom… out pops our very own designer shoes!  No mess, no fuss.  And no going from shop to shop, wasting all that time looking for the perfect pair of womens shoes; instead we’d have more time to actually wear them.
Ok, so it wasn’t quite a revelation that I’d had… more like a dream to be honest.  But it got me thinking.  What about a Drive-thru style of shoe shopping experience?  Similar to one of the popular takeaway fast food restaurants that we all try and avoid but get sucked into all the time… mmm it’s just so quick and hot and tasty - we just can’t resist.  And we don’t even have to leave the car!
Womens shoes could be sold in the same way!  Someone takes our order for our shoe style preferences and off they buzz… lots of little workers all cutting and sewing and polishing… and then to present to us at the last window - that perfect pair of womens shoes.  How cool would that be!  You’d want to make sure, though, that you didn’t get your Drive-thru’s muddled up – ordering a large cheeseburger instead of a pair of red Mary Jane pumps could make for some interesting footwear…. Would you like fries with that?

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