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Skull Belt Buckles


Skull Belt BucklesBelt Buckles, Skull Buckles, Rohinestone Buckles

What about giving skull belt buckles as a unique gift to your loved ones this year?  You could make it your ‘thing’.  You know, for birthdays as they crop up.  Yes it’s a bit out there, perhaps even a bit weird… and most people would say to you – but I wouldn’t wear a skull belt buckle, what a waste of money giving me this.  That’s why you don’t ask them if they’d like one, you just get them the appropriate skull belt buckle that you think would most suit them, and present it to them.  Then they have no choice! 
A skull belt buckle for Mum is easy – one with love hearts or red roses entwined around it on a soft pink metal background.  Mothers love flowers don’t they?   So it’s a two-in-one present then… you can’t lose.   And your sister, who currently is dabbling in an annoying gothic phase, well, she will just adore receiving her skull belt buckle.  In fact anything involving skulls, death or darkness will be up her alley.  Get her a skull belt buckle that is spooky and edgy, perhaps with an accompanying studded black leather belt.  That will just scream Goth so she may finally think you understand her and offer you her new black nail polish to use anytime you like. 
It is imperative that your brother’s skull belt buckle is one that has the words ‘wasted’ engraved onto it.  Boys worship anything that speaks their language, or at least makes them think they are cool enough to actually be wasted.  You may consider even getting him the ‘FTW’ model but you’d have to have a backup explanation to give mum when she asks what FTW means.
Dad’s skull belt buckle should possibly include something with a pirate theme.  You know – skull and cross bones type thing.  Fathers love the idea of anything ‘piratey’ and fancy themselves as handsome and brave, a rugged buccaneer of the sea.  You watch, he will put his new skull belt buckle on and automatically start saying Arrrrgh in every sentence.
Even old Aunt Mabel in her walking frame can wear a skull belt buckle!  She wears clothes doesn’t she?  And possibly she may even wear pants.  And let’s face it, the initial purpose of a belt buckle, was to keep the belt on our trousers clasped together in order to stop our pants from falling down.  Perhaps a more suitable option for Mabel might be the skull belt buckle that is pretty.  Pretty… and so covered in sparkling diamantes that she will probably think it is a nice brooch and pin it to her blouse to show off at the bowls club. 

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