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Marabou Slippers


Marabou SlippersMarabou Slippers, Marabou Slides, Marabou Feather High Heel Shoes

Yes!  They still make Marabou slippers.  And do you know why?  Because they are timeless.  Timeless and… fluffy!  And thanks to the iconic Hollywood movie stars of the 1950s they will, most undoubtedly, never ever really leave us for good.  You can just imagine Elizabeth Taylor swanning round her mansion being gorrrrgeous darling – wearing a romantic, sultry pair of baby pink Marabou slippers… a smallish heel, not too high… not too low either.  She’d have some sort of matching sheer French negligee that would allow her to float down her spiral staircase and straight onto the set of some movie about a love story gone awry.  But it would all turn out lovely in the end because Liz has her Marabou slippers on and all would be right with the world once again.  Hooray!
Marabou slippers are, therefore, possibly the epitome of luxury shoewear that is sexy and romantic.  And if you’re clever enough to co-ordinate your Marabou’s with your lingerie… you’ll have a very happy chappy in your boudoir!  They aren’t called bedroom slides for nothing you know.  He’ll be SLIDING in for a home run of his own once he sees you looking glam and hot for it in your Marabou slippers and accompanying naughty nightie.  Oh me, oh my!
Marabou slippers aren’t everywhere yet.  You barely see them in the shops, but you sure can see them online on many of the trendy, prestigious fashion websites.  Marabou’s are most definitely sneaking their dainty little selves back into our lives, and we haven’t even noticed.  Thanks to a vintage fashion revival… and a new wave of retro Pin-up Girl style glamour… this cheeky, flirty open-toe slide on shoe is popping up in all sorts of places.  Well, mainly in the bedroom, but popping up all the same.  Hmm ‘popping up’… tee hee!
So when purchasing a pair of Marabou slippers, you might like to be mindful of what you will be wearing them with.  You might like to co-ordinate them with your new sexy, rexy see-through teddy and matching g-string, for example.  Oh god… we’re back to the bedroom talk again, sorry.  But hey, when you think about Marabou slippers and the outfits that match them… THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE FOR!!!!

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